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Tidy Talents

My Role  Designer/Creative Director

For this project I was

responsible for:

+ Rebranding


+ Web/Mobile Design

+ Social Media Design

+ New Business Cards

+ Employee Uniforms

About the Brand

Tidy Talents is an eco-friendly cleaning service that uses green products to clean homes. I was hired to help the company rebrand.

One of the most important parts of the Tidy Talents rebrand was selecting the appropriate colors to represent the company's brand. 

The Rebrand

I replaced the previous red and black color scheme with a fresh green and yellow palette. The green helps to represent the eco-friendly aspect of the company more

accurately, while the yellow represents the friendliness of the Tidy Talents staff as well as evokes a happiness you might feel when walking into your clean home. 

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Web Design + Wireframes

The web design portion focuses on the primary services that Tidy Talents offers. I designed a

simple website that gives the potential customers all the information they need to book a

cleaning. I also used bright call-to-action buttons to help guide them to the end goal - booking.

Scroll over the images to see the wireframes.

Web Design Rebrand
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Social Media

I also helped Tidy Talents design and implement their social media strategy.


The Tidy Talents social media

strategy has two parts:


1. "Tidy Tips" - posts that give followers green/natural cleaning tips they can use in their homes

2. Pictures of clean homes Tidy Talents has cleaned as well as pictures of clean homes to serve as inspiration 

I designed the business cards to have a clean feel,

while coloring the backs green to remind people

that Tidy Talents is an eco-friendly company. The

green squares also mimic the social media design.

Business Cards



T-Shirt -TT.png

The uniform design is simple and designed in green to, again; help customers make the connection that Tidy Talents is a eco-friendly company.

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