Tea Hee Hee

My Role  Creative Director

For this project I was

responsible for:

Creative Direction

Brand Ideation & Strategy  

Concept Development

Packaging Design

Brand Management

Content Creation

About the Brand

In 2017 - I created, designed, and

launched a tea brand called Tea Hee Hee.

Tea Hee Hee is a fun and playful tea brand with jokes and puns on every tea tag,

hence - Tea Hee Hee! The brand was

later sold in 2019.


While managing the brand, The Early Bird (one of Tea Hee Hee's blends) became a

top-rated brand by Sibsby subscribers - a tea subscription box company with over 250,000 subscribers. 

Tea Hee Hee's tea bag envelopes

For Tea Hee Hee's packaging I used bright colors and unconventional design to convey the

fun, playful nature of the brand. Below are the two packaging designs I created for

Tea Hee Hee - The Early Bird (morning blend) and The Dreamer (night blend).

Packaging Design

Design Assets

Below you will find some of the design assets I created for Tea Hee Hee's branding strategy and social media posts. These images were also used to promote the brand

through Instagram ad placements.

A fun image showing "royal-tea"

sipping on some of her favorite tea.

Another playful image showing King Kong taking

Tea Hee Hee hostage on top of the Empire State Building.​

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