Tea Hee Hee

My Role  Creative Director

For this project I was

responsible for:

Creative Direction

Brand Ideation & Strategy  

Concept Development

Packaging Design

Brand Management

Content Creation


About the Brand

In 2017 - I created, designed, and

launched a tea brand called Tea Hee Hee.

Tea Hee Hee is a fun and playful tea brand with jokes and puns on every tea tag,

hence - Tea Hee Hee! The brand was

later sold in 2019.


While managing the brand, The Early Bird (one of Tea Hee Hee's blends) became a

top-rated brand by Sibsby subscribers - a tea subscription box company with over 250,000 subscribers. 


Tea Hee Hee's tea bag envelopes

For Tea Hee Hee's packaging I used bright colors and unconventional design to convey the

fun, playful nature of the brand. Below are the two packaging designs I created for

Tea Hee Hee - The Early Bird (morning blend) and The Dreamer (night blend).

Packaging Design


Design Assets

Below you will find some of the design assets I created for Tea Hee Hee's branding strategy and social media posts. These images were also used to promote the brand

through Instagram ad placements.

Screen Shot 2019-12-29 at 11.12.07 AM.pn

A fun image showing "royal-tea"

sipping on some of her favorite tea.

Donky Kong 1.jpg
Donky Kong 2.jpg

Another playful image showing King Kong taking

Tea Hee Hee hostage on top of the Empire State Building.​

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