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My Role  Designer

For this project I was

responsible for:

Creative Direction

Brand Ideation & Strategy  

Web/Mobile Design

+ Uniform Design


+ To-Go Assets Design

About the Brand

The Purgatory is a lunch spot you can go to with co-workers and friends. I created

this concept and designed the website as

well as other branded materials.  

According to some beliefs, a purgatory

is a place you go to after death - an 

intermediary between heaven and hell (good and bad). And because of that

the Purgatory (restaurant) is broken

up into two different sections. One part of the eatery represents the good side where you can get healthy foods such as salads and smoothies, while the bad side allows you to enjoy the more indulgent foods like burgers and fries. 


Web Design + Wireframes

I designed the website to reflect the two sides of the eatery, "good" and "bad". When you enter the home page you are directed to pick a side. Depending on the side you pick you are then sent to the corresponding menu page.

Scroll over the images to see the wireframes.

Artboard 3.png
Artboard 4.png
T-Shirt -BADdarker.png


For the uniforms I kept the concept going by designing shirts to welcome the customer to the side of their choice.


Both shirts welcome the customer to their side but are done in their own special way.  

To-Go Assets

The to-go bags and cups also play with the "good" vs "bad" theme. The bags have an inquisitive feel to them, so that a person who is not familiar with the eatery might wonder what is inside the bag.


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