My Role Designer/Creative Director

For this project I was

responsible for:

Brand Ideation

+ Packaging Design

+ Content Creation


About the Brand

Basic Buchas is a brand I created and designed for a new hard kombucha company. The Basic Buchas are a fun way to enjoy

a boozy beverage and each Bucha has their own personalities.


This brand will be launched early next year. 

Meet the Basic Buchas

Please see below for the personalities I created for each Bucha. They are also printed on the back of the cans.

Meet Brit

She​ says they're real but she clearly draws in

her eyebrows


She auditioned for this

season of The Bachelor

and is waiting on a

call back


Her favorite word

is "okuurrrr"

Meet Ash

She has not missed a Sunday brunch in 38 consecutive weeks and counting

She has a growing Insta account and is well on her way to becoming a fashion icon

She loves her avo toast every morning at 8:00 am right after her 7:00 am jog

Meet Steph

She takes her coffee in the form of an iced latte with a splash of almond milk

She thinks that adding "haha" to the end of texts makes her seem less rude

She once ditched a Tinder

date because he had an ugly laugh

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